Daniel Gillies Gives Glimmer Of Hope For ‘Haylijah’ Fans On ‘The Originals’

Daniel Gillies isn’t giving up hope on Haylijah on The Originals at all.

Speaking with TVGuide, the actor, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, opened up about the fate of the could-be couple on the series.

“As long as there’s an Elijah and there’s a Hayley, there will always be some kind of love story transpiring,” Daniel shared. “I think that at the very least we’ll revisit who they are to each other.”

In other words, they could, or couldn’t truly reunite as a couple.

Showrunner Julie Plec isn’t sugar coating the situation though — “It’s been seven years since Elijah walked out of her life, and they didn’t necessarily end in a way that felt like their relationship was closed.”

But since it’s been seven years, we need to remember that Hayley might have moved on, too.

“When we get to see her seven years later, a nice surprise is that she actually seems to be doing OK,” Julie adds. “She’s got this like smokey, blue-eyed, restaurateur who’s got his eye on her.”

The Originals final season premieres on April 20th on The CW.


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